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What Exactly is Fine Art America?

February 17th, 2021

What Exactly is Fine Art America?

When I was searching for a way to sell my greeting cards, I went through several options before deciding on Fine Art America as my vendor. I have a ton of samples from various companies, even Walmart! There were pros and cons to each. Some were preferable because there was no outside company logo on the back but the print quality was poor. Some looked like they came right off my home inkjet printer. One company didn't offer envelopes with the cards, which I thought was bizarre. Needless to say, I went through quite a bit of research.

Ultimately what led me to Fine Art America was the exceptional quality, drop shipping option (I don't need to stock inventory), the ability for buyers to customize the cards (try it!), user-friendly interface and reasonable membership fees. Then I discovered in addition to greeting cards, I can offer prints, framed prints (with a ton of options), metal prints, acrylic prints, wood prints and a host of products including cell phone cases, yoga mats, mugs, totes and more.

Basically, Fine Art America (FAA) is an online marketplace founded by Sean Broihier in 2006. From what I understand, Broihier wanted a more universal name for the company so he changed it to Pixels. Pixels and FAA are basically the same thing. All of my work is available on both sites at the same price points. Interchangeable. An artist's membership also comes with an individualized site known at the Artist Website (AW). So for a nominal annual fee, customers can find my images on Pixels.com, Fineartamerica.com and on my AW, alison-frank.pixels.com. And by visiting the store right here on naturaliimages.com, you can browse through all my products (seriously, there's a lot).

So that's it! I get to do the fun stuff (creating images) and the rest is up to FAA/Pixels. Now, feel free to browse!

Tips About Ordering a Canvas Print

February 17th, 2021

Tips About Ordering a Canvas Print

So, you've browsed through all the Naturali Images galleries and you're ready to purchase a a canvas print, right? Before adding it to the cart, make sure you're aware of all the options available, especially the type of "wrap," which in my opinion is a crucial choice.

Kittie's Orchid

February 17th, 2021


Here is an example of a gallery wrapped canvas print with mirrored sides. The sheen on this one is glossy, but matte is also available upon check out. The canvas is stretched around a wood frame and finished with a wire backing so it's ready to hang. My printer is top of the line when it comes to quality. I know other vendors use a faux canvas but this is the real deal! Most importantly, the details of the image stand out as crisp and clean and translate onto the canvas as tack sharp as the appear in the digital image.

​This one is entitled, "Kittie's Orchid," but if you are looking for another option for floral wall art, there are several choices in my Floral Gallery. Shipping rates apply and each item is securely packed and safely shipped directly to you. As always, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. Feel free to contact me for further information.

Winner Spotlight, Wes Iversen

February 6th, 2018

Winner Spotlight, Wes Iversen

I recently hosted a contest, Rustic Farmhouse Wall Art, via Fine Art America. I love this type of decor and think it makes some of the best wall art. Because it's such diverse category, the entries were quite varied but they all had that same country feel of warmth and comfort.

There were 230 pieces of artwork submitted and the winning entry was from Wes Iversen, A Window to the Past. The impressive HDR image was taken at the Chippewa Nature Center, near Midland, Michigan, which includes a homestead site that depicts rural life in Michigan as it was in the 1870s.

"When I visited the homestead site on a Spring day last year, I did not have any particular image in mind, but was simply looking for good subjects to photograph," says Wes. But the homestead buildings were actually closed during his visit and he describes how he managed to get the shot.

"I was able to capture the handheld HDR shot through the glass on a door to the kitchen. Even though I tried to steady my camera by bracing the lens against the glass, the longest of the three exposures that I took showed some blur, so the image was created by combining only the two shorter-exposure shots. I used Photomatix Pro software to combine the two images into a single high dynamic range (HDR) shot. I then adjusted contrast and sharpened the image in post processing using Photoshop and other tools, and added texture to achieve the vintage look," explains Wes.

Originally from Chicago, Wes moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan, in 2016. Most of his images were taken after 2011 when he retired from a long career in journalism. He is inspired by all types of photography from macros to landscapes, and strives to produce images that tell a story. "Since moving to Michigan, I have particularly been enjoying the opportunity to photograph local wildlife, especially the birds and waterfowl in State Parks and preserves near my new home," he says.

Congratulations, Wes, on your first place win. Such a gorgeous and impressive image.

The Results Are In

January 28th, 2018

The Results Are In

I recently hosted a contest, "Action," in which participants were given the opportunity to submit images or paintings that conveyed a sense of action or movement. 433 pieces of artwork were submitted by 229 members. 2nd and 3rd place winners received an announcement on Social Media. The prize for first place is this feature on my blog! There were four joint winners for first place.

Mark A. Brown submitted his amazing image, Me Me Me, depicting a barn swallow swooping in to feed its young. It was a spontaneous capture from his back deck in Marion, Iowa.

"I was sitting outside on my deck having a coffee. We had a brief morning rain and the sun started to emerge from the clouds. Not long after, the adult swallows began flying close to the deck - doing acrobatic maneuvers and capturing mosquitoes. Several juvenile swallows settled onto the deck railing, with beaks open, begging to be fed. I quickly retrieved my camera and began shooting as many shots as I could. The swallows did not appear to be threatened by my presence," says Mark.

Mark is a talented photographer who is inspired by the night sky, nature and still life.

Joe Schofield submitted his epic shot, Catch Me. It was shot at the Wedge, a well known body surfing locale in Southern Calif at the Balboa peninsula.

"I will go to The Wedge to shoot when it is breaking. On occasion it will break 20+ feet at the face," says Joe.

Residing in San Pedro, Joe says he is inspired by the creative process with RAW images. "I am drawn to the ocean, the desert and my garden for subject matter," he says.

Joy McAdams is another joint winner for her image, Yikes!, shot in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

"I did go out looking for this shot, or that of eagles/osprey catching fish. There is a creek where salmon gather to spawn every fall near where I live. At the mouth of it where it empties into the lake is quite shallow and plentiful of fish, Easy pickings for wildlife looking for their next meal but you often see squabbles over territory and fishing rights. Such was the case in this image. The really interesting thing about this photo is that it was taken with a friend's loaner equipment, all very unfamiliar to me. Needless to say, I upgraded my set-up shortly afterward," says Joy.

Joy is inspired by nature but doesn't like to limit herself. "I am compelled to shoot landscapes, atmospheric events, wildlife, macro. At the same time, there is nothing I love more than to capture human expression and feelings," says Joy. "I can’t give a definitive answer - I suppose it is my Pisces personality coming to the forefront," she add. Yes, I can completely relate, I'm a Pisces too! (And left handed!)

Finally, we have Andrea Spritzer's The Vertical Hold, shot in Matlacha, Florida. The image depicts an Osprey with its catch of the day. What a shot!

According to Andrea's bio, she says, "Photography is a wonderful/amazing way to 'escape' the difficulties of each day. I am a naturalist, therefore, I do not use Photoshop of any kind, and don't even own it. What you see with my photos is what you get."

Andrea lives in Venice, Florida.

And that's a wrap! Thank you to all who participated in the Action contest. Until next time...


January 27th, 2018


I'm really happy to be hosting my first Fine Art America contest, Action! Artists are invited to submit up to two images that convey action or a sense of movement. I'm truly blown away by all of the talented people who have submitted their work. A few that immediately stand out to me are Tango Dancers by Farideh Haghshenas, and Martin Konopacki's restoration of Marge and Gower Champion 1952. I guess I like dancing! Many beautiful long exposure waterfalls were submitted as well as surfers shredding it up.

Voting commences on January 23, 2018 through January 26, 2018. The winner will be featured in an interview on this blog and the 2nd and 3rd place winners will have their images featured on my Facebook page, NaturAli Images.

Thank you to all who submitted so far and good luck!